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About Us

History and more information about Alexander Lodge 1511

Alexandra Lodge

Alexandra Lodge is a Freemasons’ (Masonic) Lodge, under the Constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England, which meets in the Town of Hornsea.

The Alexandra Lodge is situated in the East coast town of Hornsea. A long established Lodge, that being formed in 1875. 

We currently have a membership of 34 and we meet in Alexandra Road in the town.

 The Lodge takes its name from Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward V11, who was the Queen of The United Kingdom from 1901 to 1910,  as did the  Alexandra Public House which once stood at the end of the road and where, until 1899 meetings took place. 

Our members come from diverse backgrounds and occupations and as Freemasonry is now more ready to be open, we have a number of new members coming through  and look forward to keeping  up that trend in the coming years.

 We hold meetings every month throughout the year  and we welcome visitors on a regular basis, where they are assured of a warm and friendly welcome. 

Lodge formation

From what we know from our records the lodge was formed on the 12th December 1874.

The document to the right depicts that the lodge was formed due to necessity when the town of Hornsea (described as a coastal retreat) had sufficient population of Masons to form a lodge. 

This lodge originally met at the Alexandra Hotel but subsequently moved to it’s current premises after it was build in 1899.

The lodge room can be seen to the right, this is where all masonic meetings are conducted at Alexandra Lodge.

Lodge Room